Puppy Land Dog Grooming LLC

Pet Boarding

Puppy Land Dog Grooming LLC

Welcome to Puppy Land pet boarding. We board dogs and cats. We provide modern, clean, secure facilities with discount pricing. Your pet will receive premium food and lots of love. When your pet is with us, they are family. Call to book an appointment today!


Size                   Weight lbs           Fee per day

Tiny                     >5                        $30
Extra Small         6-12                     $33
Small                  13-20                   $36
Medium               21-45                  $40

EXTRA CHARGES                       Fee per Day

Pets on Medication                        $5    

*Prices subject to change


1. Proof of current vaccinations including Kennel Cough.
2. Credit/Debit card or cash deposit to secure charges.
3. Pet to be in good health.

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